Onx	- 2018 Indie Rose (Tempranillo) Paso Robles, CA

Onx - 2018 Indie Rose (Tempranillo) Paso Robles, CA

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On a September rendezvous at a somewhat midpoint between our two houses, Boyd and I and our families met up in Paso Robles for some food and wine fun. A knowledgeable local had recommended a great place for brunch that was in the center of a thriving wine production/tasting room development called Tin City. Obviously, a few wines were had during brunch but one stood out...and they happened to have a tasting room in the complex! We of course headed over to learn and try more. We were hooked. Though this rosé is made from Tempranillo grapes, it has distinct Provençal notes of red berries, citrus and bright acidity that are retained because they ferment in stainless steel tanks. In fact, this one spends less than three months in the winery after it is crushed so don’t be afraid to pop this cork (actually, unscrew the cap) sooner rather than later.