Our Wines!


We love spanning the globe to track down the wines that nail the key facets that go into producing a simple glass of wine at a great value.  The grape used, the weather in the totality of the growing season, the ripeness of the fruit when it's picked, the soil, the land management, the crush process, the blending (or not) of grapes based on the winemaker's sense of the juice's future, the fermentation process, the aging time and more must all combine to make that simple glass of wine tell you a story when you first experience it. 

Our wines draw you in through their color, their aromas, their tastes and their stories or they do not become a Kompas Wine Club pick for our members.  It's that simple...and delicious. 


Check out the most recent collection below or dig deep into our previous collections to see for yourself what wine type of journey awaits you as a member.