A different kind of wine club

This ain’t no party. This ain’t no disco. This ain’t no foolin’ around.

--Talking Heads

We've all been there.

Joined a wine club with the allure of of discovering new wines, only to be met with repeated disappointment. Same predictable bottles from the same region, or "cutting-edge" algorithms that miss the mark entirely.

Kompas Wine Club is different. Founded in 2017 by two passionate brothers, we're here to take you on a wine adventure. We'll explore hidden gems from regions you might shy away from, and unearth treasures from familiar vineyards. Kompas Wine Club will expand your palate, deepen your knowledge, and give you the confidence to navigate any wine list.

This isn't just another wine club. It's an invitation to discover.

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How The Club Works


Kompas Wine Club isn't your average delivery. We handpick 12 exceptional wines each quarter, personally chosen by the founders.

Each case is a cache with:

  • 8 "home run" wines under $22: Perfect for weeknight enjoyment.
  • 3 "minor splurges" ($26-$36): Elevate your weekend meals.
  • 1 "baller" ($48-$58): A showstopper for memorable occasions.

We prioritize value without compromising quality. All our selected wines are at least sustainably farmed, with many being organic or biodynamic. It's good for you and the planet!

Get Your Case

We taste hundreds of wines every month. (It really is work!) In the end, we look for wines that decisively reflect the vineyard's and winemaker's vision and the 12 bottles we select embody the very best value in expressing the region or varietal that the wine represents.   

Our average bottle price in a case is generally less than $24 and this includes delivery and tax!

Why do we only give you an average bottle price? Simple. When you visit your local wine store not every wine is $14.99 right?! Unlike some other clubs who charge a flat price every time, we don't know which wines (and the deals associated with them) we'll choose for our members so each case price is not constant. So, rather than taking a mediocre wine and claim it's more expensive than it is, we only charge based on the costs of the wines we ultimately choose for our shipments.

Honestly delicious and true wine discovery values!!


Drink up! Share! Relax! This is wine for god's sake. It's meant to be fun. It's not a trophy in a case. It's time and place in a bottle. When you pour a glass let it transport you to that vineyard, that row, that grape and let it open your world just a little more with family and friends.

Let's do this!

Ready to embark on a delicious adventure? Explore Kompas Wine Club today!