How it works


Kompas Wine Club sends quarterly shipments of mixed cases of hand-selected wines. Each case has eight (8) home run wines $22 or under which are a perfect value selection for a weeknight, three (3) minor splurges ($26 to $36) and one baller bottle ($48 to $58) you'll want to be thoughtful about when it comes to the meal and friends you open it for. We look for high value and we'll never sacrifice quality. In the end, a case averages ~$25 per bottle before shipping. Glorious!

Get Your Case

We taste hundreds of wines every month. (It really is work!) In the end, we look for wines that decisively reflect the vineyard's and winemaker's vision and the 12 bottles we select embody the very best value in expressing the region or varietal that the wine is representing.  


Drink up! Share! Relax! This is wine for god's sake. It's meant to be fun. It's not a trophy in a case. It's time and place in a bottle. When you pour a glass let it transport you to that vineyard, that row, that grape and let it open your world just a little more with family and friends.