Marine Dubard -- 2019 “Coeur du Mont”  -- Southwest France

Marine Dubard -- 2019 “Coeur du Mont” -- Southwest France

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Siblings Marine and Gregory Dubard are second-generation vignerons centered in Bergerac, one of the satellite appellations of Bordeaux, but they own vineyards in many parts of Bourdeaux and Southwest France. They produce sustainably grown wines of such quality that at their debut trade tasting in San Francisco, their wines sold out almost immediately. We tried to have this wine in the last shipment and are excited to be able to share it this time around. The Bordeaux region is where Sauvignon Blanc originated, but the traditional blend incorporates Semillon along with small amounts of other grapes to make either a crisp, fruity style or a rich, creamy style. This wine is the former style and is 100% Sauvignon Blanc. Mature vines grown in gravelly soils produce a wine to rival top tier regions in France, but at an accessible price.