Domaine Glinavos - 2016 ‘Paleokerisio’  (Debina and Vlahiko) - Ioannina, Greece

Domaine Glinavos - 2016 ‘Paleokerisio’ (Debina and Vlahiko) - Ioannina, Greece

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This wine needs a lot of descriptors: Greek, traditional, orange, semi-sparkling, Rosé, off-dry, low alcohol—and delicious! The local white grape, Debina, is grown at high altitude in the far Northwest, which is the wettest, coldest spot on mainland Greece--there is snow!  The wine is fermented with its skins like a red wine (there are no actual oranges in orange wine, its a reference to the amber color that results), where it picks up tannins, spicy, gingery flavors and the oh-so-hip orange color. After a second fermentation in tank to a gentle pressure, 3% of Vlahiko, a local red, is added to the to the slightly off-dry wine, which makes the color a deep, pinky amber, almost like an IPA crossed with a tawny Port. At 10.5% alcohol, one could call the 500 ml bottle a personal serving. Others might be nice and share the apricot, cherry, almond crust and white tea flavors.