2019 Domaine de la Tour -- Bourgogne-Chitry Blanc  -- Burgundy, France

2019 Domaine de la Tour -- Bourgogne-Chitry Blanc -- Burgundy, France

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Domaine de la Tour is a Chablis producer located in Lignorelles, near Chablis, with 37 acres of vines in a number of plots all located nearby in the communes of Chablis, Courgis, and Chitry. Chitry, despite it’s proximity to Chablis, is in a separate sub-region of Burgundy called Auxerre, named after the city of the same name, located about 12 miles west of the town of Chablis and Chitry is a further sub-zone of Auxerre that is allowed to append its name to Bourgogne. Before the phylloxera louse wiped out their vineyards in the late 1800s the Auxerre region used to be the biggest wine producer in France. The soils here are nearly identical to those in Chablis, but natural systems are complex and finding American rootstock that could produce in Auxerre took much longer than in Chablis. Then still more agricultural pests and two world wars further delayed its recovery. Now the recovery of Auxerrois wine is largely a marketing challenge, so enjoy the better values while you can! Domaine de la Tour is a fourth generation, family-run domaine that farms organically. As is customary for wines at this price point in this part of Burgundy, no new oak is used to age the wine in order to retain the subtleties of the mineral and citrus notes. Yellow apple and crips pear notes framed by lemon, with a gravel foundation make this an excellent wine for pairing with simply prepared fish and poultry dishes.