2019  Jean-Max Roger -- Sauvignon Blanc -- Sancerre, Loire Valley, France

2019 Jean-Max Roger -- Sauvignon Blanc -- Sancerre, Loire Valley, France

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Who doesn’t love Sancerre, right? Sancerre Blanc is considered the apotheosis of Sauvignon Blanc and is a renowned classic for good reason, so one might ask why this is its first appearance in Kompas Club? It is not for lack of appeal to our palates but partially due to its international success. Too often the quality-to-price ratio was not high enough, and as we try wines from every corner of the globe, we could select other wines that we liked just as much for less. This bottling, though, from Jean-Max Roger, the scion of a family who’s history of winemaking in the region dates to the 17th century, finally rang the bell. ‘Marnes et Caillottes’ refers to the two different types of soils included in the blend. Marnes is French for Marl, which is a mixture of clay and limestone, and Caillottes refers to pebbles of chalk. The chalk in question, incidentally, is part of the same geologic formation that extends through Chablis and Champagne all the way to the white cliffs of Dover. The marl gives more aromatic power and palate weight, and the caillottes give more mineral aromas, elegance and texture. Jean-Max’s sons have been working with him since the early 2000s and the farming is done sustainably, as one with ancestral ties to and knowledge of their land would, Lemon, lime and grapefruit with a touch of white peach, pear and pineapple rind, and the classic gravelly finish.