2019 Bodega VidAs -- “Siete VidAs” Tinto  -- Cangas, Asturias, Spain

2019 Bodega VidAs -- “Siete VidAs” Tinto -- Cangas, Asturias, Spain

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Asturias is on the North Atlantic coast of Spain, part of what is known as Green Spain. With plentiful rainfall as well as elevation, this is a cool, mountainous region that is one of three designated by the government as ”heroic viticulture” because of the vertiginous steepness of the vineyards, reaching as much as 75 degrees! Speaking of the government, Asturias had a thriving wine industry and culture until the Franco regime decided to extensively mine coal in the region, literally dynamiting vineyards to expose the seams of coal below and also depriving the remaining vineyards of the necessary workers for their labor-intensive farming. Production of wine fell from 3,000,000 kilos of grapes to its current 100,000. Winemaker Beatriz Pérez is native to Cangas and has dedicated herself to reviving its vinous potential. This blend of 50% Albarín Negro/20% Mencía/15% Carrasquín/15% Verdejo Negro (Trousseau)  is traditional in the region and comes from 30-60 year old practicing organic vineyards. The wine is aged in stainless steel to emphasize the freshness of the fruit and floral aromas. Raspberry, strawberry and cranberry with fresh rose petals and white pepper on the nose and the palate. The bright acidity and moderate, velvety tannins make this a great wine to break you out of your Pinot Noir rut and can take a little bit of a chill. Would be excellent with grilled chicken or pork.