2019 BioKult  -- Zweigelt-Pinot Noir  -- Burgenland, Austria

2019 BioKult -- Zweigelt-Pinot Noir -- Burgenland, Austria

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BioKult is a family-owned winery that grows its own grapes and buys some supplemental grapes from organic farming partners in the Southeastern Austrian region of Burgenland. The certified organic vineyards go far beyond organic standards and emphasize biodiversity/integrated pest management: when beneficial flora and fauna are fostered, they crowd out the bad flora and fauna. Angela Michlits is the main winemaker while her husband focuses on wine growing. This is a 50/50 blend of Pinot Noir and Zweigelt, which is an offspring of the other major red grape of Austria, Blaufrankisch, and St. Laurent. Zweigelt is the most planted red grape in Austria and is often compared to Pinot Noir, but with an added black pepper component and more overt blackberry flavors and a deep purple color. This wine displays flavors of perfectly ripe raspberry, blackberry, mulberry, and tart morello cherry with hints of violets, sage, black pepper. This is a medium-to-light bodied wine, with bright acid, medium alcohol and silky tannins that is aromatic and concentrated enough to stand up to spicy cuisines like Thai and Indian, and is great served with a chill, around 50 degrees.